EZGrip Tile Flooring
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The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Flooring

We’ve been designing and installing kitchens, bathrooms and closets for a long time.

 Over the years, we’ve become known as the “good idea place”. To continue to meet that expectation, we are always coming up with fresh, new ideas for our customers. So, when we discovered EZ Lay Flooring, we said “Now, that’s a good idea”, and decided to add it to our list of fine quality products and services.

Here’s why we love this flooring:

  1. No need to rip out your old floor. With EZ Lay Flooring, you can simply lay it on top, as long as your old flooring is made of any hard surface, including: concrete, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood or plywood.
  2. It’s so easy to install it takes very little time to get a great finished look. Gone are the days of new floor installation taking weeks. In an easily cleared room we can literally install you new EZ Lay Flooring in just a few hours.
  3. It’s hard-wearing and so easy to maintain. At EZ Lay Flooring, they do one thing and do it right – Luxury Vinyl Tile. Knowledgeable about every stage of the process, they continue to design innovative new products that meet Canadian standards, taste and need for durability.
  4. EZ Lay Flooring is eco-friendly. They use over 50% recycled materials.  As well, all of their products meet the most stringent VOC requirements. Their products are built to last; boasting a 15-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty, EZ Lay Flooring will stay in our homes and out of our landfills. And finally, EZ Lay Flooring products are removable, reusable, and recyclable.
  5. The EZ Lay Flooring company is family owned and Canadian! A family in Vancouver, BC started the company. Spanning two generations of combined experience in the flooring industry, EZ Lay Flooring started its operations in 2010 and continues to be run by the family, nationwide.
  6. It’s beautiful. The designs truly enhance the room it is added to, and the sizes are so easy to work with. EZ Lay Flooring comes in 14 colours – 6 in planks and 8 in tiles. The planks are 7″ x 48″ and the tiles are 12″x 24” or 18” x 18”.
  7. Seven layers. EZ Lay Flooring is like a sandwich of amazing durability: From the bottom balance sheet to the top ceramic coating layer, their designers created flooring that can withstand the toughest wear. Thanks to their technological advances, this flooring is guaranteed not to expand, contract, curl, buckle, or peel.
  8. EZ Lay Flooring can be installed over radiant heat (but in that case it must be glued down). It’s so easy to cut and fit around bathroom fixtures and it’s suitable for heavy-duty commercial and residential applications.
  9. EZ Lay Flooring’s EZ Fit line can be “Tight-Fit” to the wall and simply sealed with acrylic grout. It offers incredible comfort in areas where you do more standing and it’s also amazingly sound absorbent.
  10. The EZ Fit colours are sweet, touting style names like Caramel Slate, Rock Candy, Apple Crumble and Butter Pecan (just to name a few). You can view all of their appetizing designs on the Van Dolder’s Kitchen & Bath Website in our “flooring” link or pop into our showroom and get up-close and personal with the samples.

Business or home, this is great flooring for high traffic and moisture-rich environments. Most impressive is how it maintains its original look after years of “life-impact”. Cost wise, it’s less than installed hardwood with little to no maintenance required, compared to wood and tile. All in all, we think it’s a very good idea for any room. Talk to our Design Team about adding EZ Lay luxury vinyl flooring to your renovation or new building plans.